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Last Minute Costume Ideas for IU Students

Last Minute Costume Ideas for IU Students

By: Morgan Burris

Choosing a Halloween costume can be awful, especially ON Halloween. Well, fear no more. I have taken the time to think of some completely cool, not dumb costumes suited for any IU student.

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  • The bear from Mother Bear’s Pizza. The perfect mix of sexy and clever. The Mother Bear’s bear will tell everyone you meet that you go to IU, love pizza, and are kinda into plushies.
  • All you need is a red dress, glue, and a longhaired dog that sheds.

  • That one RPS worker who doesn’t want to be there. You know the one. Somehow you always get THIS person when you go to a C-store and she always crushes your chips when she scans them.
  • All you need is a red hat, a red shirt, a cell phone to constantly check, and a soul without hope.

  • The Clock Tower. The Clock Towers on campus are iconic signs of IU’s beauty and grace. To make one your costume would be a salute and an honor.
  • All you need is a cardboard box, red paint and an art student- preferably a sculptor.

  • Herman B. Wells. The man behind so much of IU’s legacy. Let’s pay our respects to this legend by making a haphazard attempt to look like him and taking Jello shots out of a stranger’s belly button.
  • All you need is a fat suit, some bronze paint, and a bench.

  • That guy from Breaking Bad who was on campus last week. I’m trying to make this article topical,OK?
  • All you need is more Breaking Bad knowledge than me, meth, and a hazmat suit (?).

  • A lot of Halloween costumes can be inspired by just taking a look around you and seeing what’s there. If you’re in Bloomington what’s probably there is a squirrel standing a little too close to you.
  • All you need is glue, a longhaired dog that sheds, and a complete disregard for the personal space an animal is supposed to give a human.

  • Someone after The Color Run. The bane of every washing machine on campus’ existence.
  • All you need is a lot of multicolored paint, some clothes you don’t care about, and the ability to not sit down for long periods of time because you will stain EVERYTHING.
  • If you want to make it sexy, just do The Nearly Naked Mile instead.

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