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Costco Employees Have Thanksgiving Off So They Can Hit Other Black Friday Sales

Costco has announced that their stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, unlike many other big box stores that will remain open for part or all of Thanksgiving Day to allow customers a head start on the Black Friday sales. Below is their letter to their employees explaining their decision.

Dear Costco family,

For the second year in a row, Costco has decided to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. We owe it to you. We believe it’s important to allow our employees to enjoy Thanksgiving the traditional way: Watching football, spending time with your families, and hitting the Black Friday sales at other stores.

We’re all Americans. We all deserve to have a day to give thanks and relax, then peel out in our Ford Explorer to get a great Black Friday Eve deal on a flatscreen TV at Wal-Mart. We would never, ever deprive our employees of these cherished Thanksgiving traditions.

If we asked Costco employees to work on Thanksgiving, you would have to spend your holiday dealing with screaming hordes trampling each other to get the cheapest deal on a new laptop. You deserve better. You deserve to be those trampling hordes. At Target, at Gap, at Best Buy – everywhere but at Costco. You’re welcome, buddies.

All we ask is that, as you’re stepping on a Target employee’s hand to grab the complete Gilmore Girls on Blu-Ray, you lock eyes with them and take a second to silently give thanks that you work at Costco.

So please, make the most of your day off. Camp out in a Wal-Mart parking lot for 15 hours so you can be the first in the door. Kick the shit out of that guy who’s got their eye on your Nokia tablet. Willingly abandon your humanity and become but a shrieking cog in a murderous machine that will trample three old ladies to death so you can feel alive, truly, horrifically alive, as the hunter-beast of our ancestors roars within you, with the blood of your vanquished foes hot on your face as you grab the last Tickle Me Elmo, or whatever the hot toy is this year. We don’t know. We’re closed that day.

Obviously we will still need you to come in bright and early on Friday. These 10 gallon jugs of ketchup are 15% off.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Costco management

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