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Links! 11 Amy Poehler Stories Everyone Can Relate to, the All-Time Best College Fight Songs and More!

This week’s best links are acting surprisingly cool.

  • 11 Amy Poehler Stories You’ve Probably Never Heard, But Will Totally Relate To Your Life – Huff Post
  • Ranking All 25 of The Simpsons’ ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Episodes – Uproxx
  • Bob Odenkirk Reads From His Book, ‘A Load Of Hooey’ – Team Coco
  • The All-Time Best College Fight Songs – Clickhole
  • Man Leaves Note On Door To Spite Trick Or Treaters – Above Average
  • 6 Reasons for Netflix’s Stock Plunge – MAD Magazine
  • Oedipus’ Real Tragic Flaw Was that He’d Never Seen ‘The Wire’ – The Occasional

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