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Daily Brief: Vote You Dummy, Kurt Cobain, and More

Vote You Dummy:
Today’s Google Doodle tells you where you can vote. And if you are a Democrat, tomorrow’s Google Doodle will tell you where you can kill yourself.

Secure Photo:
A security guard was fired after taking photo of President Obama’s motorcade during a visit to the CDC. Some good news: the picture got a solid 9 likes on Instagram!

Actual Tape Mixtape:
A 1988 mixtape by Kurt Cobain has been found. No word yet on whether it will be taken off Spotify.

If you don’t already know about this, you are too old for the internet:
The ‘Alex from Target” meme made a teenage Target employee into a teen idol overnight. The meme started with a photo showing the teen being completely capable of processing instant fame.

Navy Squealers:
The head of the Navy SEALs has issued a public statement warning SEALs involved in the Osama bin Laden assassination mission against seeking public credit. He added that the only exception is for picking up chicks at a bar.

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