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Daily Brief: Bill Nye, Dead Whale Surfers, and More

Bill Nye the Website Guy
Bill Nye’s website relaunched with a beautiful new sideways parallax navigation. So, get ready to two years from now start hearing the sentence, “Sideways parallax navigation? That’s so 2014.”

Do as Celebrities Say, Not as Celebrities Do
The Washington Post has revealed that many celebs – such as Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg – from a “Rock The Vote” PSA video didn’t vote in the last midterm election. Which is especially too bad, because a celebrity’s vote counts double.

Aussie Is as Aussie Does
An Australian man has admitted that “surfing” a floating dead whale was a bad idea after he had to be rescued when sharks began circling the carcass. This marks the first time a drunken Australian man has made an error in judgement.

This is how “going gluten free” started, too
Health Goth” is a new fashion movement that started as a joke but is now a real thing. According to adherents, the movement was started as a reaction to “Fat Pilates Punk.”

4 Chan: working hard to remain the internet’s filth pit
An alleged murderer posted graphic photos of his victim’s body on internet message board 4Chan and bragged about killing her, which makes this the dumbest use ever of the word “alleged.”

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