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Dirty Deeds: Other Songs that Inspired Real Life Crime

Sometimes life imitates art, you know? That ‘s the case with AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, who has been arrested for hiring a hitman to murder a drug dealer. The act is strangely reminiscent of the band ‘s hit song ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.”

Here are some other criminal acts perpetrated by musicians that were inspired by their popular hit songs.

  • ‘Hotel California” inspired all The Eagles to open an unlicensed hotel.
  • ‘What ‘s My Age Again?” by Blink 182 led to the first ever break-in at the Social Security Administration Building in D.C. when bass player Mark Hoppus barged in demanding to truly know what his age was again because he had forgotten it.
  • ‘Teenage Kicks” by ’70s Irish punk rockers The Undertones caused them to unimaginatively kick many teenagers.
  • Pete Seeger, singer of the patriotic folk song ‘If I Had a Hammer,” had a hammer alright, and he used it to hobble racehorses.
  • ‘The Streak” has ensured country that music star Ray Stevens is no longer allowed within 500 yards of a school.
  • Beethoven ‘s 5th Symphony contains intricate musical clues detailing the whereabouts of the victims of the composer ‘s five-decade-long spate of serial killings.
  • ‘MMMbop” by Hanson has, to date, been the direct cause of the Hanson brothers attempting to prove they are not wimps by carrying out 392,902 throat punches worldwide.
  • Metallica ‘s ‘One” led their drummer Lars Ulrich to find Napster creator Sean Parker and imprison him in a tool shed behind his house for six weeks. By ‘locking him in,” Ulrich was able to make some sort of point about music piracy.
  • Pop singer Ariana Grande has shived over a dozen drifters in Florida and ‘ oh sorry, this isn ‘t a song-related thing, this is just something she has done. Shouldn ‘t be in this list. Our bad.
  • ‘Last Caress” by the Misfits, in which lead singer Glenn Danzig sings in the second person about killing your baby and raping your mother, inspired him to take a few more napkins from a Starbucks than he needed.
  • In a rare example of preventing crime, Bob Marley ‘s ‘I Shot the Sheriff“is credited with saving the lives of thousands of deputies who Bob Marley otherwise would have liked to shoot down.
  • SLAYER‘s entire catalog has inspired them to commit several genocides.

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