By: Talking Marriage With Ryan Bailey

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Talking Marriage S2: E4 Comedians in Car Ports

Time to take off those dunce caps, Marriage Marionettes, because Ryan Bailey is putting on his professor's helmet to teach comedians Esther Povitsky, Melissa Villasenor, Brock Wilbur and Matt Knudsen the mathematics of relationships. Watch to get an A, subscribe to get an A+, and if you pass along to your friends Ryan will personally handle your college applications to Marriage University (it's a trade school). EVERYTHING DONE ENTIRELY BY RYAN BAILEY (help with writing: Evan Gaustad and Sean Persaud) (help with shooting: Evan Gaustad and Sean Persaud) (help with editing: Evan Gaustad and Sean Persaud) (help with acting: Evan Gaustad and Sean Persaud and Josh Meindertsma and Tiffany Elle)

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