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The Totally Original Kids of Comedy

When the Kids of Comedy come to town, the apples don't fall too far from the funny tree. Watch the children of your favorite 80's and 90's comedians do what they do best – crack you up!

Written By Heidi Gardner, Brad Gage, Melissa Hunter, Eric Lombart and Eliot Schwartz
Directed and Edited by Brad Gage
Shot by Eric Lombart
Heidi Gardner as Stacy Kinison
Eliot Schwartz as Mike Foxworthy
Melissa Hunter as Tina ‘The Tool Gal ‘ Allen
Eric Lombart as Skyler Dangerfield
Brad Gage as Baby Carrot
Matt Bennett as Max Lewis
Grace Parra as Sofia Mencia
Ricky Carmona as Donald Pryor
Paul Du'Pree as Freddy Murphy
Drew Spears as Ry-Anne Barr
Jenny Young as Stephanie Cho
Dan Pfau as Alfred Gottfried
and Eric Bauza as Narrator
Produced by Family Sandwich

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