By: Mike Scollins

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Funny Or Die Reads ‘Action Comics #1’

After the discovery of a pristine copy of Action Comics #1, the Funny Or Die NY office tries hard to recall the origins of their favorite hero, Superman.

Wait, you guys, what was the name of Superman ‘s dad?
Keith, I think?
It was Jesse.
OH! I know how we can find out!
Thank God we keep auction paddles on us at all times!
Thanks for the $3.2 million, Zack! We get paid on Friday, we ‘ll get you back!
Now to just punch through this protective glass ‘
Oh my God, Superman ‘s been Clark Kent this whole time?!
25 ‘ is a good deal for X-Ray specs. I could see a lot of skeletons with that ‘
Ahh! I spilled coffee all over my first appearance of Batman comic! I wasn ‘t done reading this!
I ‘m not doing this so I can make a ‘high like Superman”joke. I just love drugs is all.
So how are we splitting this up? Cutting it into thirds?
You can have mine. I got the answer I was looking for.
Yeah, I think we ‘re all about done with this.

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