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Daily Brief: Water Wars in California, A Door Fell Off Bono’s Plane, and More

What ‘s it feel like when you get something you didn ‘t ask for, Bono?
The rear door fell off of a Learjet carrying U2 lead singer Bono. Luckily, he ‘s OK and is already writing a very boring album about it.

Fairytale Ending
New translation shows horrific and gory endings for Grimm brothers ‘ fairy tales. The main difference is that the German word previously translated as “happily ever after” actually means “slow and undeserved strangulation.”

Qatar: the Worst?
Qatar has said it will try to find “creative solutions” for allowing gay fans to attend the 2022 World Cup in their country, where homosexuality is illegal, the same response they gave when asked about allowing fans to consume alcohol, which is also illegal. So far they have dismissed uncreative proposals such as “become tolerant.”

Wild Wild West
The drought in California is getting so bad that people are starting to steal water. As a result of the trend, sales of solid steel hot tub covers have skyrocketed.

Native Advertising vs Opinion-Editorial, what ‘s the big difference anyway?
Time and the Wall Street Journal each published op-eds against Net Neutrality, but each failed to disclose that they received money from Internet service providers. Neither paper has been taken to task for past op-eds that have included “Coca-Cola: Delicious Or Refreshing?” and “AIG Is A-OK.”

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