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25-Year-Old Female Posts Craigslist Ad Offering to Take Strangers’ Kids to See Taylor Swift

If you live in the Philadelphia area and your children want to go see Taylor Swift but you somehow don ‘t want to go with them, then (A) do you know that you ‘re a monster!!!!???? and (B) A 25-year-old stranger is very willing to take your kids to see Swift for you, it ‘s okay, you can just chill out at home [in your monster home].

Why does this person want to go to a concert with kids she doesn ‘t know? Maybe because she doesn ‘t know that you can go to a concert alone or with people that you are already friends with, or maybe for the eight reasons she lists in her ad, including she knows all the words to all the songs ‘unlike you” (burn!) and also her Internet-famous dog will follow your kids on Instagram, which doesn ‘t have to do with the concert at all but I guess just goes to show how down-to-earth her popular dog is.

Here ‘s the complete ad as posted on Craigslist:

via Philadelphia.Craigslist, H/T Happy Place

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