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TV Host Wears Same Suit Everyday for a Year and Solves Sexism Forever

News spread this morning that Australian Today host Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit everyday for a year to make a point about the double standard held against his female co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

Naturally, Stefanovic ‘s stunt was well received by progressive citizens in Australia and the US, but a number of critics in both countries found the social experiment problematic. In the interest of maintaining a well-rounded discourse, Funny or Die News would like to take this opportunity to hear both sides of the ongoing feminist debate. Below, we ‘ve included several delicately composed rebuttals to Stefanovic ‘s experiment compiled from across the web.

Rebuttal 1) Women criticizing other women is not sexism you mangina.

This commenter raises an interesting question: Can behavior be considered prejudiced if the perpetrators of that behavior belong to the same social group as their victims? Additionally, the user includes the term “mangina” to remind readers that gender discrimination often pales in comparison to the underreported struggles of working transgender Americans.

Rebuttal 2) Men don ‘t have uteruses.

A good point. Yes, women tend to experience more appearance-based discrimination in the workplace, but men are denied the sublime pleasure of ejecting full-size infants from their pelvises. When you think about it, that kind of evens things out.

Rebuttal 3) Feminists from above!

On the one hand, women in the US average 78 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts, but one the other hand, a lot of feminists have killed people with fighter jets.

Rebuttal 4) Everything is a lie and nothing matters.

It ‘s often easy to get caught up in a discussion about feminism and forget that we are all just slaves to the media tyrants who lord over us. Sexism doesn ‘t matter because everything in our lives is just a meaningless fa ‘ade fed to us by the corporate news machine.

Rebuttal 5) OH YEAH!

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!

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