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The Best Of The Feminist Hacker Barbie Meme

It ‘s 2014, which means Barbie is now finding new, innovative ways to belittle young girls ‘ ambitions. Blogger Pamela Ribon documented one such sigh-inducing product: A Barbie book called ‘I Can Be a Computer Engineer,” in which ‘engineer” Barbie doesn ‘t know how to code, lacks basic virus software, and has to get bailed out by her two male classmates.

But pick your head back up off your desk. One great thing about 2014 Barbie? The Internet can fix her. The hashtag #FeministHackerBarbie is doing just that, replacing the book ‘s terrible text with a more capable coder Barbie. Here are some gems.

Barbie as hacker-warrior-poet.

A subtler change, this one allows Barbie to ask questions an actual CS student might ask, instead of a middle schooler in 1998.

Barbie doesn ‘t have to be so sugary sweet when she ‘s the best hacker in class.

Haha sure Barbie! Shader permutations, what a gas!

And of course, Barbie using her coding skillz to take down our corrupt power structure.

All of these are a great reminder of the true lesson of Barbie ‘s ‘I Can Be a Computer Engineer”: Never, ever trust books.

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