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When Is The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? A Guide To The Mexican Drug Protests

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When is the Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show? Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show 2014: what is the date? Adriana Lima breasts when? If you googled ‘Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show,” congratulations: We ‘re here to tell you all about the Mexican protest movement against corruption and drug violence.

When is the Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show 2014?

Earlier this year, 43 Mexican student teachers disappeared while on their way to a political protest in the southern city of Iguala. The body of one of them was found flayed, with his eyes gouged out; the others remain missing. The Mexican government claims that two gang members confessed to killing the students and burning their bodies, but this has yet to be confirmed forensically (and may never be, given how damaged the remains are). Cara Delevigne no shirt. Miranda Kerr no shirt. All girls no shirt on TV but legal.

But this was no simple drug killing: The mayor of Iguala and his wife allegedly ordered the brutal murders so that the students ‘ protest would not interrupt her speech. Sources say that law enforcement knew that the mayor and his wife were colluding with cartels, but did nothing. Victoria ‘s Secret model cup size. Victoria ‘s Secret Adriana Lima smaller bra. Bra show breast walk television when when.

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Yes. According to the Mexican government, drug cartel members murdered the 43 students, piled their bodies onto a huge pyre in a garbage dump, and incinerated them with a bonfire that burned for 15 hours, leaving nothing but a few bone fragments. Behati Prinsloo nip slip.

Interestingly, when investigators looked into the disappearances, they found a number of other mass graves around Iguala, none of which contained the missing students. Underwear models TV big weird wings.

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That ‘s right, the missing students are just the tip of the iceberg. Human Rights Watch estimates that 60,000 people were murdered in Mexico between 2006 and 2012. Most are probably dead at the hands of cartels, which the government can ‘t or won ‘t do much about. Tits.

The Mexican protesters demand more accountability for the government, which often acts in close collusion with the drug cartels to intimidate and even torture and kill average citizens. Protests have spread across Mexico, including in Mexico City, where protesters attempted to set fire to the door of the Presidential palace. Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show tickets. Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show can a regular guy from Indianapolis go if he is nice.

The government ‘s reaction to both the protests and the murders themselves has been seen as lackluster ‘ when reporters pressed Mexico ‘s attorney general for answers about the missing students, he muttered ‘Ya me canse,” or ‘I ‘m tired of this.” #YaMeCanse has since become a popular hashtag and rallying cry for the protesters to talk about what they ‘re tired of ‘ corruption, violence, living in a narcostate. Doutzen Kroese sparkly panties while Taylor Swift sings a song.

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No one knows. The protests are ongoing and they are undoubtedly the biggest show of public defiance against Mexico ‘s troubled leadership in quite some time. However, it remains to be seen whether the government has the will or even the ability to unroot corruption and control the cartels in any meaningful way.

It should be noted that this crisis has received shamefully little attention north of the border, though the United States is far from blameless for these problems. Our ongoing drug war has led to the violent militarization of Mexico ‘s own war on drugs, which many blame for the sharp spike of violence in recent years. Meanwhile, it ‘s the U.S. drug market that funds the cartels ‘ business in the first place. As a nation, we ‘re funding both sides of this thing, and we have plenty of blood on our hands. We can ‘t allow ourselves to get distracted from this terrible crisis on our doorstep.

The 2014 Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show is on December 9, 2014, at 10/9 central on CBS.

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