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Links! What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld And Wale, Bill Tull’s Budget Thanksgiving Tips, And More!

This week ‘s links are for winners only.

  • Nothing Really Matters: What ‘s The Deal With The Friendship Between Jerry Seinfeld And Wale? – Complex
  • QUIZ: Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You? – Clickhole
  • The ‘Classic Wingers ‘ From ‘Community ‘ We Can ‘t Stop Repeating – Uproxx
  • Little-Known Provisions In Obama ‘s Immigration Action – Mad Magazine
  • Bill Tull ‘s Budget Thanksgiving Tips – Team Coco
  • A Thinkpiece About Bits (Not a Bit) – Splitsider
  • Key & Peele ‘ Take That ’80s Aerobics Video To Dark And Twisted Place – Huff Post Comedy
  • The Jaden And Willow Smith Interview For Average Teenage Siblings – Above Average

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