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Adult Male Becomes Momentarily Twitter-Famous After Tweeting About One Direction

In this day and age it ‘s refreshing to see a person just tweet their sincere thoughts on a subject. That ‘s what Jerry Riekert, a self-described ‘simple man from New York who makes lamps,” appears to have been doing while watching this year ‘s American Music Awards. A simple tweet about liking some singers ‘ voices became strangely popular.

Riekert clearly wasn ‘t expecting the thousands of favs/replies/RTs, and also maybe doesn ‘t understand hashtags because he didn ‘t seem to understand how any of these teens and pre-teens found him.

But in a moment of marketing clarity Riekert smartly decided to take advantage of this opportunity to sell some lamps, because that ‘s his life ‘s work.

So anyways here is Jerry as an image macro:

h/t antiharry

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