By: John Harris

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Which Celebrity Technology Personality Type Are You?

According to a recent study, there are “technology personality types”, each of which can be described by a specific famous person. So, are you a “hypersharer” like Kim Kardashian, or a “content creator” like Katy Perry? Or maybe you ‘re a closer fit to one of the following celebrity technology profiles:

TAYLOR SWIFT: “Twee Hammer”

TOM HANKS: “Charm Sniper”


JASON BIGGS: “Toilet Fountain”

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: “JackIn ‘-Spirational”

RUSSELL BRAND: “Irritating”

BRUCE DERN: “Letter Mailer”

TILDA SWINTON: “Spook Blaster”

CHRIS KATTAN: “Dial-Up Connection”

BETTY WHITE: “Genital Snapchatter”

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