By: Adrian Anchondo at #Ratchet Productions

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“Shake and Bake” a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” starring Danny Franzese and Adrian Anchondo.

#Ratchet Productions Presents ‘Shake and Bake ‘ a Parody of Taylor Swift ‘s ‘Shake it Off ‘ Starring Daniel Franzese and Adrian Anchondo Featuring Russel Tovey, members of Cheer SF (Instagram and Twitter: @CHEERSF. and Lindsay Slowhands. Written and Directed by Adrian Anchondo ( Cinematography by Edwin Gonzalez (His film ‘Medias Res ‘ coming soon). Music Production by Greg Robles (Email:, Choreography by Catherine Kung and Miyuki Bierlein. Editing by Adrian Anchondo. Associate Producer: Sarah Coykendall. Special Thanks to Rich Johnson, JC Lee and Daniel Franzese for their funding. Lisa Steindler at Z-Space for donating their space for filming (,, Twitter: @zspaceSF). Bitter Queens ( City Dance Studios ( AIDS lifecycle ( Sondra Bishop Chelsea Tummolo Hillary Lannan Diego Tucker Jared Frieder And of course to all the cast not mentioned which include: Sarah Coykendall Logan Chavarria Scott Friesen Michael Tempesta Max Kellogg Jaquelynn Herrera Raquel Valentin Kevin Clarke AND MORE NAMES TO COME Thank you to all the fans of ‘Please Go Home ‘ and ‘Dunkin Love ‘. Thank you to Taylor Swift and Shake N Bake for not suing us ‘ yet. You can check out more of Danny Franzese ‘s videos here:…

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