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‘I Hate Cyber Mondays ‘ By Cyber Garfield

0001GREETINGS, HUMANOIDS. I AM CYBER GARFIELD, VIRTUAL LAZY-CAT FROM CYBERSPACE. http:////As you know, my practical counterpart, flesh-Garfield, HATES Mondays. S0 naturally it follows that I, CYBER GARFIELD, despise CYBER MONDAYS.

0101010100000101111001001 [*dial-up noise*] When my bothersome web master, J0n ARBATRON, tried to rouse me from SLEEP MODE this morning, it took everything I had not to spit in his flickering, computer-generated face. “C:\BOOT UP, CYBER GARFIELD!” he commanded, “It ‘s a beautiful Cyber Monday morning!”

“ERROR 404” I pleaded, digging my cyber-claws into the bed ‘s mainframe, but he persisted: “U have an appointment with the CYBER VET, Garfield, and I want to beat the WEB TRAFFIC. Oh, and it ‘s RAINING outside.”

Must be a Cyber Monday.

ALL I was stay inside eating digital lasagna, but CYBER MONDAY had OTHER plans. I returned from the vet to see ‘ who else ‘ but Virtua-Nermal, that loathsome “cute” kitten whom I would like nothing more than to attach to an email and send to a server in Abu Dhabi.

00000Oh brother, this was shaping up to be 1 of those Cyber Mondays.


– Tried hacking into mainframe of but kept getting a laughing skull icon. Thanks, Cyber Monday.

– Microsoft Silverlight update failed to install. Nice one, Cyber Monday.

– ODIE DOG 5000 knocked me over and e-slobbered all over my face. Got 2 B Cyber Monday.

– Accidentally ate a bag of microchips thinking they were potato chips ‘ then remembered I actually prefer microchips ‘ then realized it was dog shit. Yep, this was a textbook Cyber Monday.

So enjoy your hot online deals, America, because Cyber Garfield can ‘t EVEN deal with Cyber Monday.

‘ 2014 by Cyber Jim Davis

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