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Medical Centers Are Using Characters From ‘Scrubs’ In Ads Along With No Real Explanation

Ever since Scrubs ended, people have been asking What ‘s going on with J.D.?, Where is he?, etc., and other people have had to be like, He ‘s not a real person since it ‘s a fictional show???? But now J.D. is a real person, kind of, because someone on Reddit found him in an ad for an actual, not-just-on-TV hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Shortly after, someone else pointed out that J.D. from Scrubs is not alone, cuz Elliot from Scrubs is on a medical marijuana pamphlet in San Francisco, a place where it seems more likely that people have seen Scrubs. Neither flyer appears to mention that these are fictional doctors from TV, so the people who made these ads probably are either such huge fans of the show that they thought everyone would recognize TV characters or they don ‘t know what Scrubs is and didn ‘t know what they were doing.

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