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A Bunch Of People Online All Own This Same Animal Vest

Recently Reddit user RobbieRaaaaaaborn posted this picture of a handmade vest he ‘d received from his grandmother. Aww, how sweet!

It was all very nice and full of fabric animals until a challenger showed up [to the Internet party] with a vest that looked suspiciously similar.

And then, wait, there ‘s a third? At this point it became unclear if this vest was REALLY handmade after all.

This is really a lot of this one vest.

Once they ‘d all established ownership of their respective vests, the vested all got together [online] for a group pic:

There was one straggler who couldn ‘t make it to the vest reunion [even though it was online, and he was online, too, IDK it ‘s complicated]:

And then there ‘s an obligatory cat pic, because a cat owns this vest, too, which officially means this cat is on the same level as humans, the things that wear this vest, and on a different level from animals, the things that are on this vest.

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