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5 Videos That Are Less Popular Than Gangnam Style

It ‘s official. Psy ‘s “Gangnam Style” is not only the most watched video in the history of the internet, it has been watched so many times on YouTube that the video ‘s view counter has completely imploded. Having reached over 2.15 billion hits since 2012, Psy ‘s video exceeded the site ‘s 32-bit integer counting algorithm. In honor of Psy ‘s achievement, here are five so-called “viral” videos that are less popular than Gangnam Style.

1) Charlie Bit My Finger

While these may be the cutest British kids you ‘ve ever seen, their phalange-gnawing incident failed to create a sensation on the same level as Psy did. Next time show us some blood, Charlie. A few more tears, maybe some fist-pumping while you wail about your injury. That ‘s the type of drama that ‘ll put you over 2 billion.

2) I ‘m On A Boat (ft. T-Pain)

Even though this artistic achievement features nautical-themed pashmina Afghans, swim trunks, and flippy-floppies, not to mention the fabulous T-Pain, and even though people to this day tag their weekend fishing trips with #imonaboat, Psy still managed to squeak past The Lonely Island ‘s hit single.If only you ‘d included a shot of Andy Samberg screaming at the butt of a woman doing yoga, maybe then you could be considered kings of the viral video.

3) David After Dentist

Despite the fact that David ‘s existential ponderings, including “is this real life?”and “is this gonna be forever?!”still ring true years later, the answers he ‘s looking for may not be exactly what he expected. But yes, David, this is real life. YouTube is broken. And yes, this bouncing, endearingly chubby pop star will indeed forever reign supreme as the most popular person on YouTube, sending Kim Jong-un into a downward spiral of self-doubt just north of the border.

4) Woman Stomping Grapes Falls

Despite the catchy music in the background of this classic video, and the melodic grunting of the reporter who falls out of her grape-stomping bucket, this viral hit failed to breach 2 billion views. Maybe it ‘s because we ‘re not able to see her as she lies writhing on the ground, or maybe it ‘s because of that pesky human sympathy that seeps in when another person is hurt, but still. The choreography could have been better. I ‘m sure I ‘m not alone when I ask, why wasn ‘t she grooving to the beat a little more in her grape bucket? I mean, it ‘s like she didn ‘t even want to become famous for this video at all.

5) Leave Britney Alone!

Remember this gem? Well, Psy makes his morning coffee out of Chris Crocker ‘s tears, and doesn ‘t care whether Britney gets married and divorced another 10 times. He ‘s too busy lassoing the air, and rustling up every last pair of eyeballs belonging to anyone with access to the internet. Better luck next time, Chris.

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