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25 Things You Seriously HAVE To Do Before You’re 25

  1. Go to a foreign country. Take a picture of yourself hugging a child of a different race.

  2. Get a yeast infection.

  3. Throw up in front of someone and try to kiss them anyway.

  4. Spend your entire workday reading about how to stop procrastinating.

  5. ‘Like” a photo of an ex-girlfriends new baby.

  6. Get passed by someone carrying the Olympic torch on a walk of shame.

  7. Spend three hours deciding what to watch on Netflix. Fall asleep within the first ten minutes.

  8. Get a sandwich for your boss.

  9. Get so drunk you put a popsicle on your nightstand to ‘eat in the morning”.

  10. Take a romantic getaway with a significant other you can no longer stand to look at.

  11. Have a friend get engaged, married, and divorced as you remain completely single.

  12. Drop a baby.

  13. Lose a coat in a bar.

  14. Spend hundreds of tanning beds so you can already be tanned on your excursion to an all inclusive pool in a poor country.

  15. Be completely poor. Go downtown every weekend.

  16. Play ‘Wagon Wheel” at an open mic.

  17. Buy a drink for someone across the bar. Act too shy to talk to them.

  18. Tell a job interviewer that your biggest weakness is that you ‘work too hard”.

  19. Get someones number. Wait so long to meet up it becomes a blind date.

  20. Receive chain mail. Don ‘t return it. Be haunted by a ghostly woman searching for her daughter.

  21. Fart in a Hot Yoga class.

  22. Learn how to cook something that Ketchup doesn ‘t go on.

  23. Experience Asia with a bunch of other drunk white people.

  24. Meet the one. Add them on Facebook. Realize they have 400 profile pictures. Change your mind.

  25. Realize that the sooner you stop talking about the Justin Bieber ‘s of the world the sooner they will disappear.

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