By: Ben Wietmarschen

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The Unofficial Guide to Being a Man Instead of a Boy


Don ‘t take pictures, aspire to be the one getting pictures taken of you.

Don ‘t order that last drink. If you ‘re thinking ‘Maybe I shouldn ‘t” then you shouldn ‘t.

Tuck in your shirt. A simple but powerful statement that says ‘I care about how I look.”

Know something about jazz.

Don ‘t shave your chest, back, or pubes. Unless that hair seems gross to you.

If your shirt gets untucked somehow, tuck it back in.

Even if you don ‘t smoke them, know how to cut, prepare, and light a cigar.

You will regret getting your ear pierced.

A simple way to tuck in your shirt is to go to a bathroom stall, unbuckle your belt and pants, then lift the pants over the bottom of your shirt, then buckle back up.

Fix at least one car in your lifetime.

Iron your pants, rumpled pants is the number one sign of sloppiness behind having an untucked shirt.

You don ‘t have to love sports, but you should know what a slam dunk is. And you should be able to mime it out in slow motion if someone asks you to.

Wear a belt. So your shirt stays tucked in.

Know how to make a good Manhattan.

Know how to suck in your stomach so if one side of your shirt comes untucked you can easily tuck it back in with a simple sliding down motion, palm to your torso.

Learn calligraphy or woodwork. Use these skills to make wedding presents.

Take a 30 minute jog three mornings a week.

Cut a new notch in your belt so it ‘s tight enough to keep your shirt tucked in when you get skinny from jogging 3 times a week.

Own a wallet chain but never wear it, as a reminder.

-And, finally, Confidence is king: Act like you ‘ve been there before. Whether it ‘s receiving an Olympic Gold medal or a Christmas party at the Mayor ‘s house, keep your shirt tucked in.

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