By: Kat Purgal

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Doowop Girl Group Sings Creepy Stalker Lyrics

“Never Leave” by The Beignettes. Cute video from The Fritz Hampton Show in 1963. Pretty weird lyrics, though. Directed by Zach Craley ( Written by Kat Purgal ( Cinematography by Zach Craley Edited by Kat Purgal The Beignettes are Bridget Kyle, Maggie Mull, and Kat Purgal Musical Arrangements by Kurt Peterson ( Lyrics by Kurt Peterson & Kat Purgal Singing Vocals by Sara Lindsey ( Talking Vocals by Kat Purgal Back-Up Vocals by Kurt Peterson Choreography by Pam Jaffe ( Produced by Kat Purgal + Zach Craley = (

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