By: Catherine Urbanek

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4 the Love of the Game

At an LA wine bar, Mike and Eric cluelessly watch the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game on TV, but things get tense when their respective girlfriends, Kate and Joy, arrive on the scene. Both girls sport Brett Favre's number 4 jersey, except Kate is a Packers diehard while Joy bleeds purple and gold. The two girls fight over who gets Favre while Mike and Eric standby, helpless.

A Brett Favre fan film written by Jonathan Beech and directed by Catherine Urbanek
Starring Kim Hidalgo, Andy Fischer-Price, John Bobek, and Catherine Urbanek
With Selah Victor and Ryan Shaughnessy
Director of Photography: Richie Yau
Assistant Director: Kirsten Filonczuk
Executive Producer, Script Supervisor: Kimmy Evans
Co-Producer: Jonathan Beech
Sound: Jamie Parslow
Gaffer, Colorist: Michael Hsueh
Key Grip: Kasra Shokravi
Second Camera Operator, Editor: Noah Justin Trevino
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Keith Ukrisna
Makeup Artist: Vicky Zuniga
Production Assistants: Ivan Power-Kronick, Nicolas Hurt
Special Thanks to David Atkinson
Bar Patrons: Neel Nanda, Taryn Polsky, Christy St. John, Chloe Babbes, Nicolas Hurt, Thomas Constantine Moore, Daniel Blake
A Bodacious Content Production

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