By: Jenny Nelson

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Ricky Gervais And Jimmy Fallon Flip Lips (And Accents)

The “Lip Flip” segment Jimmy Fallon does on The Tonight Show is nothing new, but yesterday when he switched mouths with Ricky Gervais, the segment bridged a gap between continents and accents that I ‘m not sure has been crossed before. (But maybe it has! There ‘s no way of looking this up, really. What a shame.)

More than anything, you ‘ve gotta give props to Fallon for mastering Gervais ‘s accent with such accuracy. The way Fallon ‘s lips form around the Southern twang of “Hi y'all! My name ‘s Ricky Gervais,”which if I remember correctly is Ricky Gervais ‘s number-one catchphrase, shows that Fallon ‘s closely studied his subject in preparation for this bit.

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