By: Ben Wietmarschen

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Sex Offender Wins $3 Million In, You Guessed It, Florida

Bad Flamingo

Poor old Florida can ‘t catch a break. If there was a p.r. firm working for Florida, which there clearly is not, they ‘d be running around their offices, papers flying, red lights and alarms blaring, pretty much every minute of every day. But ESPECIALLY today.

Timothy Poole, a convicted sex offender from outside of Orlando, won a 3 million dollar jackpot on a Super Millions Florida Lottery scratch off ticket. His name and image were originally featured on the Lottery ‘s website but were taken down immediately after he was recognized. Neither the Florida Lottery or Poole seem to want to talk to the media about any of this FOR SOME REASON.

Of course, in other states, only non-criminal, upstanding citizens play and win the lottery. Everyone remembers the Harvard Law student who won the Ohio Aces 8 eight million dollar ticket and gave it to a no-kill dog shelter. Or the V.P. of Commercial Sales who won the Texas Lucky Longhorn 20 million dollar jackpot last summer and cured cancer with it. But wouldn ‘t you know it, Florida gets the sex offender.

And finally, the whole story led to a very Floridian local news piece where the crew interviews a few of Poole ‘s shirtless neighbors. Poor old Florida.

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