By: Jenny Nelson

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This Week In Cut SNL Sketches: An Awkward Morning For St. Louis News And VH1’s “100 Greatest Guys”

This season of SNL, a lot of really good sketches are getting cut from the show only to be put online, one at a time, later in the week. This is leaving many bloggers very confused, as they complain and ask why these sketches could have possibly gotten cut even though they ‘re better than some of the sketches in the episode. I don ‘t know the answer, but these bloggers can feel free to chill because they were probably watching the show online already? You still get to see these cut sketches, if you just wait a bit and click around some more. And you definitely know how to click, bloggers, because that is Blogger 101, OK?

Anyways, here are two sketches that got cut from this week ‘s episode with James Franco:

First, cut for time, was a morning news show in St. Louis awkwardly trying to power through an episode in spite of tensions in Ferguson. This sketch was not in the show on Saturday but got posted on Monday, which is fine if you don ‘t mind waiting two days to watch a good video!

The VH1 show parody “100 Greatest Guys” is another good sketch that also did not make it into the regular broadcast on Saturday. What a shame that it wasn ‘t part of that episode as it aired but that it ‘s still online where we can watch it for free, recognize the subject that it is parodying, and enjoy the sensation of laughter!

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