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Scott Stapp of Creed Threatens to Kill President Obama, Is not Doing Well Right Now

Yes, you remember the band Creed and, yes, you remember Creed ‘s lead singer, Scott Stapp. 2 t ‘s and 2 p ‘s and sang about God. That one. He is a troubled man now and he ‘s in the news, 15 years after releasing “Higher,” the 95th best hard rock song of all time, according to VH1.

Stapp ‘s estranged wife called 911 last month claiming Stapp took off from his Florida home shirtless on a bike after claiming he was a CIA agent and his job was to assassinate the president. With him, Stapp carried a backpack “full of tools and 400-600 pages of documents.” Stapp, for his part, also called 911 saying that the estranged wife stole his truck, which is why he was on a bike. All this according to newly released 911 tapes on The police quickly found him and, despite being committed to a mental health facility after previous times he had been stopped by police, they determined he was not unstable enough to be committed again.

So: Shirtless. On a bike. Lots of documents. Trying to kill the president. That ‘s the shortened version.

Previous to this incident, Stapp had made news for other, less president-threatening incidents. And had even released a video on his Facebook page claiming he was off drugs but broke due to his money being stolen from him.

It ‘s sad to look back on it knowing where Stapp is right now, but I remember Creed ‘s Behind the Music on VH1 being legitimately uplifting to me as a youngster in 2000. Even though I wasn ‘t a Creed fan, the guy knew how to talk passionately about being alive. He also knew how to walk around writing songs, shirtless. Here ‘s a clip for you Creed-heads:

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