By: Ben Wietmarschen

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The Newsroom Is Over, What TV Show Will We Argue About Constantly Next?

Since it premiered on HBO in 2012, no one who watched The Newsroom has stopped arguing about something that happened on that show. Whether it was about the super Sorkin-y style, or about if the show was chauvinist or racist or interesting or boring, or about if it bravely dealt with a hot button real world issue but in the wrong way, people just couldn ‘t get enough of their sweet TV argument fix from The Newsroom. It ‘s a show that had a knack for introducing polarizing issues.

The show is over now, though, so we need to find a new show that can bring up that same kind of TV-argument-fodder-goodness to satiate our inexhaustible hunger for disagreement. I ‘ve put together a short list of shows going on now that may not appear to be lightning rods for debate at first glance, but could become the next The Newsroom if we try really hard (and also really commit to always arguing about TV shows):

-Marry Me
Sample arguable issue: Is the institute of marriage outdated and why do otherwise intelligent, forward thinking people still feel the need to have a traditional courtship and marriage? Why can ‘t 2 people who love each other just get into crazy hijinks without a marriage document?

-American Horror Story
Sample arguable issue: Are ghosts real?

Sample arguable issue: Does holding police to rigorous ‘by the book” procedure limit their ability to do their job with Andy Samberg ‘s comedic timing and loveable goofiness?

Sample arguable issue: Should a comedian living in New York move to L.A.?

Sample arguable issue: Can America ever see Connie Britton as anything other than Tammy Taylor?

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