By: Ben Wietmarschen

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Bill Nye’s Emoji Heavy Evolution Video Proves That Society Has Evolved Right Past Me

Bill Nye is a national treasure. He is fighting the very real if also depressing battle of introducing legitimate science to kids around America who might otherwise get their science from the back of cereal boxes or geocities websites or whatever.

In a recent video collaboration with Mashable, Nye explains the basics of evolution using emojis.

As a 30-year-old, self-respecting man, I have only used emojis in two ways: Ironically (i.e., to make fun of people who use emojis) and to flirt with gals (texting is difficult but putting a bunch of emoji cigarettes in there makes it easier for some reason. I know that sounds weird, but hey, it ‘s how I got my girlfriend!).

That might reveal something a little scummy about me but it also reveals that I think emojis are for young teens and desperate people who have no other options. And in this way, civilization has passed me by because people out there love emojis and I just don ‘t get it. Luckily, just like emojis, this video is for young teens, so it ‘s a perfect fit.

This video has been so successful in the past day I ‘m sure there are sequels in the works. Here ‘s my guess on a few follow-ups:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson explains black holes using Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Stephen Hawking explains Artificial Intelligence using flat-brimmed caps
  • David Attenborough explains overpopulation using very loud, obnoxious conversations on subway cars

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