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Google Releases List Of Most Searched Terms, Click Through To See Them

‘Google Most Searched Terms”

There it is folks, your ‘Google Most Searched Terms” for 2014. On a quick, totally unrelated note, my boss just told me if this article doesn ‘t get 100,000 views I will be demoted to my old position of office chair fixer, so this is kind of a hail mary pass to continue being an employed writer.

Now, I know you can see the ‘Google Most Searched Terms” in the graphic above but I think it is worth just typing the ‘Google Most Searched Terms” out in the body of this post, for clarity ‘s sake.

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Actually, you might know the ‘Google Most Searched Terms” as a slightly misspelled version of themselves. Just in case, I better list them for you:

Robun Williams
Wurld Cup
Malaysiua Airlines
ULS Ice Buckut Chullenge

And, actually, while I ‘m thinking of it, I usually remember the ‘Google Most Searched Terms” best if I associate them with another, more familiar term, so just for your memories sake:

Robin Williams NET WORTH
World Cup FIGHTS
Malaysia Airlines MAP
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge NET WORTH

That should help you remember the ‘Google Most Searched Terms” better.

Oh shoot, I just remembered that some people are more visual learners, and I really want you to learn the top 5 trending ‘Google Most Searched Terms” of 2014. Maybe this will help?

Robin Williams BEARD
World Cup LOGO
Malaysia Airlines PICTURE
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge NUDES

And of course for all you techies out there, you probably want some back links to content to go along with the ‘Google Most Searched Terms”. You ask and I answer:

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Oh and finally, here ‘s a few other terms:

Herpes Symptoms
Herpes Do I Have It
Herpes Sore pics
Herpes or Blemish
Herpes or Zit
Herpes or something worse
Barack Obama Paul McCartney Michael Jackson Net Worth

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