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Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Premiere Cancelled Amid Terrorist Threats, Some Theater Chains Follow Suit

If you ‘re like me you get terrified by multiple things in the news every day. That doesn ‘t usually stop me from going about my daily life in whatever way I want, but for a few minutes every morning as I read the news, I can very easily picture myself descending into a paralyzed lump of fear who never leaves his apartment or talks to anyone or touches anything. BUT I NEVER DO!

The latest most terrifying thing in the news is the terrorism threats made to theaters planning to show the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie The Interview, which depicts an assassination plot against Kim Jong-un. The threats invoke 9/11 and basically say don ‘t show the movie or we ‘ll blow the theater up.

It appears as if the threats are working to some extent, though, as more and more people slowly abandon the movie. First, Rogen and Franco cancelled upcoming promotional appearances, then the premiere was cancelled, and now multiple cinema companies have announced they won ‘t be showing the movie on its planned Christmas release date.

This is all happening despite experts, including the Department of Homeland Security, saying the threat of actual terrorist action is very low. And the fact is, this message could have been sent from pretty much anyone with literally any amount of power to do anything. From a bored teen on a laptop at Starbucks to an international terrorist group with contacts across the world. There ‘s no way to know, which is why fear is really taking a backseat to frustration in this situation. In a time where anyone has access to killing resources, we can either fear everything or ignore the danger that constantly surrounds us, trust in the inherent goodness of mankind prevailing, and say some version of c'est la vie.

For now, though, I ‘m going to stay curled up under the covers and watch The Interview trailer on repeat:

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