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Can You Believe These Morons Don ‘t Know Who Paul McCartney Is?

Kanye West rang in 2015 by releasing a new song called “Only One,” a collaboration with legendary Beatles singer Paul McCartney. Amazingly, some young Kanye fans out there have no idea who Paul McCartney is, as evidenced by clueless tweets like these:

Disgusted Beatles fans immediately went on the offensive:

But the blasphemy doesn ‘t end there. Thousands more ignorant young people have somehow never heard of Sir Paul McCartney either. Get a load of these dumbasses:

Pathetic: 11-month-old Brayden Jeffries has literally no idea who Paul McCartney is.

Sad: This dumbass just stares blankly when asked about her favorite song off “The White Album.”

Unbelievable: When asked to name just one member of The Beatles, the best this idiot could come up with was “doggy.”

“I ‘m sorry? Paul who?” Fucking moron.

Unreal: This girl thinks she ‘s “cool” yet has never once heard the song “Band on the Run” by Wings.

I bet he doesn ‘t know who Superman is either. Clown.

Behold! King Dumbass! Ruler of all who don ‘t know basic rock ‘n ‘ roll history!

“Duhhhh ‘ British Invasion? Ed Sullivan Show? What are those? I only like Ke$ha and selfies.”

Dumb and Dumber: James and Gregory Hutchinson had the nerve to respond to the question “Who is the most influential bassist of all time?” by pointing to their father and a pile of blocks, respectively.

8-month-old Tyler O'Donnell says he only listens to Ringo ‘s solo stuff, making him perhaps the biggest jackass of them all.

Our future: A confederacy of dunces.

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