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6 Awesome Places It Is Now Legal To Get Gay Married In Florida

Hey, want to get married by the side of the freeway?

Florida legalized gay marriage! Although they are the 36th state to do so, this is big news because unlike, say, State #13 Delaware, Florida, is full of awesome places to get married, and alligators. I mean seriously, who the hell wants to get married in alligator-less Delaware?

The 6 Top Places To Get Gay Married In Florida

  • A discount snake smuggling emporium
  • Whilst wrestling an alligator at Gatorland
  • Trapped in an unlocked feces-laden closet with this couple (new couple friends! Brunch!)
  • At any of Florida ‘s scenic meth labs
  • On a beautiful beach, but officiated by the whale from Blackfish (he is a Reform Rabbi)
  • Disney World

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