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NIKE Announces Back To The Future Shoe (With Power Laces!) For 2015 Release. What’s Next?

I don ‘t know how your new year started this past Thursday, but I did one thing at the stroke of midnight: watched Back to the Future II and obnoxiously (and constantly) pointed out how WE DON ‘T HAVE THAT YET every time something cool like hover boards or whatever came on the screen. AND THEN I kissed my girlfriend. AND THEN I let everyone at the party yell Happy New Year and throw confetti.

2015 is the year Marty McFly went to in Back to the Future II so I hope all you nostalgia-heads are ready for a bunch of Back to the Future crap coming at you this year. The first big announcement of such crap is the Nike Air MAG shoe with power laces which Nike confirmed will be coming out in 2015. A previous release of the Air MAG targeted at celebrities and rich people came out a few years ago but, and here is the important thing, those models didn ‘t have ‘power laces.”

Can you even imagine meeting your friend at a bar or something and he tried to just wear these shoes and act like it was no big deal? ‘Yeh, they ‘re cool shoes but whatever, hat ‘s going on with you?” No man, you decided to wear those gigantic weird-looking, brightly lit contraptions on your feet and now we have to talk about them or it ‘ll feel weird. And these shoes are just one of the many futuristic things in BttF II that we will no doubt be bombarded with.

Other Back to the Future II things you can expect to see this year

Hoverboards – So far, hoverboards have only been able to float about an inch above the ground and only if that ground is made of copper, and you know Tony Hawk is involved. But ya gotta believe this is the year scientists really make a push to finally make street hover boards happen. So long as those jerks over at Funny Or Die don ‘t fake us all out again.

Pepsi – Remember Pepsi? That sugary drink that was terrible for you but tasted really good with potato chips. It ‘s a good thing Americans stopped drinking that poison decades ago or else we ‘d have some pretty widespread obesity and heart health issues in this country. But, hey, it ‘s the Back to the Future II year of 2015, it wouldn ‘t hurt to have a sip or two for old time ‘s sake.

An increased interest in horse race betting – Biff was a hero to many viewers who left the movie early and didn ‘t really understand what the movie was all about. He was rich, he was disgusting, and he flaunted his wealth and power without abandon (the American dream!). With increased visibility of Biff ‘s rise to riches through playing the ponies, people will definitely be trying to ‘Be like Biff” in 2015.

Guys named Marty and DocBack to the Future was a huge blockbuster that practically everyone in America saw and loved and what ‘s the most memorable element of any great movie? The characters. And at this point, all the Martys and Docs who were born when their parents were both looking for a baby name and watching Back to the Future 25 years ago are finally entering the real world, so, yeh, we ‘ll be seeing them all over the news in 2015, I ‘m sure.


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