By: Jenny Nelson

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Jimmy Fallon Learns From Nicole Kidman About How He Almost Dated Her Years Ago

Do you have a go-to thing for when you are very embarrassed? A good one is to put pull the drawstrings on your hood so tight that only your nose pokes out, but if you ‘re not wearing a hoodie don ‘t try this because it ‘s impossible/could be dangerous, just find something else to do, alright!?

As of last night we know Jimmy Fallon ‘s go-to thing for being embarrassed (G-TTFBE for short) is hiding under his desk, trying to leave his own show, lying down on the guest couch, and then going back to his desk, which is how he reacted when Nicole Kidman explained that the first (and last) time they met each other she was interested in him romantically and he didn ‘t notice at all.

Future late night guests, take note that this is a good way to derail an entire interview, but, like, in a fun way.

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