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Super Fancy Les Paul Prototype Guitar Getting Auctioned Off

We ‘re all cool guys and gals. We all love super hot guitar licks and soulfully plucked blues melodies. We also all fetishize where all that hard rocking sound comes from: the guitar. And guess what string freaks, the original AX is up for sale to the highest bidder.

‘Black Beauty,” the guitar that served as the prototype for the very famous Gibson Les Paul model electric guitar, is going to auctionin February in none other than Rock and Roll heaven, New York City (sorry Cleveland). The guitar was actually played and fine-tuned by Les Paul himself over two decades and has actual real gold in it. I don ‘t know if that makes it a better sounding guitar but I do know that gold rocks!

Black Beauty is being called the most significant guitar ever made and will most likely be auctioned off for far more than any other guitar in history, making it the most valuable of its kind. Here ‘s a list of other noteable ‘Most valuable ______ of all time” that are sure to follow Black Beauty to auction someday:

Most Valuable Drums Of All Time – Animal from the Muppet ‘s drum set he played in his drum battle with Buddy Rich

Most Valuable Bass Guitar Of All Time – Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers bass that he played naked at the iconic Woodstock ’99 music and arts festival

Most Valuable Baseball Bat Of All Time – Homer ‘s Wonderbat. I know, it ‘s animated not real, just trying to be cute 😉

Most Valuable Basketball Of All Time – The last ball Flea shot en route to losing the 3-point competition at the MTV Rock and Jock basketball game

Most Valuable Sock Of All Time – The one that covered up Flea ‘s ding-dong when RHCP played ‘Right on Time”with only socks on there peeners that one time.

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