By: Jenny Nelson

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Future Late Night Host Larry Wilmore Talks With Current Host Jimmy Kimmel, Which Is Kind Of Crazy If You Think About It

Last year and this year we have been lucky to see such a change in late night hosts because it means, among other certainly more important things, a lot of future late night hosts going on the shows of current late night hosts. Which is cool if you think about it as you watch the clips: both these people host late night shows, kinda ‘one is doing so right now, one will be doing so in a little while. If you think about it more, it ‘s almost like they are BOTH hosting the interview, except for the fact that one of them is clearly the guest and the other one is the host! But, also, you gotta remember that they are BOTH hosts so it could switch at any time, if they want to! It usually doesn ‘t but I will always watch every host-to-host interview very carefully in case it does! I could watch clips of past/present/future hosts talking to other past/present/future hosts ALL DAY.

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