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House Of Cards And Better Call Saul Release Trailers, Everyone’s In Trouble

Sometimes I wonder if you ‘re trying to piss me off

You know that feeling of dread you get in the pit of your stomach when you might be in trouble? That ‘s basically the feeling we ‘re dealing with in the new House of Cards and Better Call Saul trailers that were released today.

It ‘s like when you did something bad and it ‘s just a matter of time before dad comes home, finds out and yells ‘You ‘re not going to basketball practice tonight!”
‘But if I don ‘t go to practice tonight, the coach won ‘t let me play the next game” you plead.
‘Too bad, shoulda thought about that before you decided to explore the sewer pipes with your friend Patrick on the other side of town. You could have been hurt! Or arrested!”
And then you cry more and pray for the next two hours that your dad changes his mind but he never does.
Or something like that.

House of Cards has essentially been all about that feeling for the first two seasons. The Underwoods have done a lot of naughty things and are keeping a lot of secrets and, oh boy, if dad (aka the newspapers or the the American public or, I guess, literally anyone else) finds out, they are gonna be in big time trouble. Plus the trailer has some Korn-style backing music that ‘s gonna get you pumped:

That ‘s Korn right? With the fuzzy bass and gross loud exhale sounds? Regardless, this looks intense. Frank Underwood is gonna be the President of the United States in this season. The most powerful man in the world and something tells me that just might get to his head and that, my friends, could lead to some real trouble.

Better Call Saul is, of course, the spin off from Breaking Bad, a show where we followed an initially meek, wussy man constantly getting into trouble and worrying about it only to escape it every time by the skin of his teeth and eventually grow into a cocky evil man who was constantly trying to avoid getting in trouble. It looks like Saul will continue that great tradition.

I didn ‘t hear any Korn in that one 🙁 but I did see a lot of Bob Odenkirk scrambling around, which is a classic sign of someone who ‘s in big trouble and doesn ‘t want his dad to catch him and tan his hide.

House of Cards premieres Feb. 27th and Better Call Saul premieres February 8th.

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