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Unreleased Beastie Boys ft. Nas Video Found Wandering Around The Internet

Imagine just wandering down the dusty, dirty corners of the internet one day, something we all do every night for one to seven hours before going to bed, and thinking ‘Uh, maybe I should check out editor Neil Usatin‘s website. He ‘s done some And 1 mix tapes, some music videos, and a few short documentaries on interesting pop music icons, let ‘s see if he ‘s posting any new stuff.” Then you go to his website and discover AN UNRELEASED BEASTIE BOYS MUSIC VIDEO.

That ‘s (I ‘m assuming) what Eoin McLernon, a student in Ireland, did last night and now the public has their hands on the Beastie Boys video featuring Nas for ‘Too Many Rappers,” a song off the Beastie Boys ‘ last album, 2011 ‘s Hot Sauce Committee Part II.

That was dope.

Places other than grocery stores, bridges, and Arby ‘s dumpsters that I ‘d like to see the Beastie Boys and Nas walk around and rap at a camera:

-A big dog park in Central Park
-A Guitar Center in Yonkers
-A Laundromat in Queens
-A Denny ‘s off the side of the highway outside Jersey City
-Half court at a Knicks game
-Anywhere else

The video has been taken down from the editor ‘s website (I ‘m guessing he might be getting in a little trouble) but it ‘s made its way across the internet now. Unless there are other unreleased videos lurking around other editors ‘ websites in different dusty dirty corners of the internet (and there very well may be!), this might be the last Beastie Boys video with MCA in it after his untimely passing in 2012.

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