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Marvel Makes Run The Jewels Tribute Comic Covers

Run the Jewels has been the hottest thing in rap music (for 30 year olds who are still at least kind of into music) for a while now. They are also really big comic book fans apparently, and Marvel has decided to pay tribute to them and their iconic fist and gun logo on the covers of the newest copies of Deadpool and Howard the Duck.

The Run the Jewels logo is really cool but there are a whole lot of other band logos and album covers that could really be something. I know the line for comic book cover tributes to album covers is long, but here are the ones that should be next:

Blink 182: Talk about an iconic logo!

Yellowcard: I ‘d also be happy if a comic book character just played a wussy violin for no reason.

Good Charlotte: SOMEONE needs to pay tribute to the guy all the way on the right

New Found Glory: There ‘s a condom on this album cover, which is funny, comic books can be funny.

The All-American Rejects: This is just a band photo, not an album cover, but the dreamiest eyes in pop-punk deserve a tribute more than Run the Jewels, right?

Bowling for Soup famously had a lot of plus sized members

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