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The Green Bay Packers Play Settlers Of Catan, Football Players Can Be Nerdy Too

It always warms my heart when jocks embrace some nerd culture. Seeing a 350 pound mass of flesh delicately sheath a comic book or correctly pronounce ‘Saruman” is rare but delightful. That ‘s why I love to imagine the Green Bay Packers offensive line playing Settlers of Catan. I, of course, have been imagining this for months now and giggling to myself, but it turns out its actually a real thing that happens.

The board game has caught on in the Packers locker room and it ‘s become a mini obsession with a handful of players on the team. Just like me with my friends! Seriously, if you haven ‘t played Catan before, get started, it ‘s fun!

Starting tackle David Bakhtiari introduce the board game to the team and it has since caught on to the point of Bakhtiari buying the Catan extension pack so more players could play. This is a picture of David Bakhtiari:

Just imagine that dude getting all worked up over Aaron Rogers trading Eddie Lacy a brick for three ores.

It seems strange that the Green Bay Packers are into a nerdy game like Settlers of Catan, but nerdy crap is not that uncommon in NFL locker rooms. Here ‘s a list of other football players ‘ dorky interests:

Reggie Wayne is a Criterion Collection completist.

A.J. Green went top 8 at a Magic pro tour, he went 4-0. Played an aggro deck, a variant on Zoo.

The Dallas Cowboys linebackers collect weird old types of soda.

Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman collect and trade Elvis Costello first print vinyl.

Tom Brady makes out with bikini models ‘while thinking about The Hobbit!

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