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NASA Gets First Good Look At Dwarf Planet Who’s Just Being A Little Shy Right Now

Ceres, a dwarf planet described as the largest celestial body in the Asteroid Belt, just got its spot blown up by NASA last week.

This little flirty boy has been hiding just out of sight for a long time and we couldn ‘t get a good look at him until now. Every time we turned a corner, he ‘d get shy and hide behind Jupiter and every time we ‘d try coax him out promising treats and kisses, he ‘d dash under Mars ‘ sundress. But ah-HA, we found a way to tease him out of his hidey-hole to come and play with us by launching the Dawn spacecraft right at him.

Who knows what kind of secrets this little bug has in store for us when Dawn reaches Ceres in March, but now we at least have a (admittedly low-res and far from 1080p level HD) image of him spinning on his axis. The images show a little more than half the surface of Ceres and the differing light and dark features of the dwarf planet. Why so shy, Ceres? You ‘re a perfectly handsome boy.

Ceres is the newest celestial body to be visited by NASA ‘s Dawn spacecraft. Dawn ‘s job is basically to track down heretofore unseen things floating around the universe, drive right up to them, and take a bunch of photos. NASA is very excited about what they ‘ll find when Dawn reaches Ceres, but I ‘m just hoping Ceres will grow out of this shyness crap. He ‘ll never make any friends at school with this attitude. Which will drive him into anti-social activities that will lead to a lack of empathy, defensive tendencies, and, ultimately, a poorly socialized adult who won ‘t move out of our g-damn basement already!

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