By: John Harris

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Did The Patriots Use Basketballs Instead Of Footballs?

The Super Bowl ‘bound New England Patriots are under investigation this week for purportedly using partially deflated footballs while on offense, which would give a team an unfair advantage because the balls are easier to throw and catch. However, some analysts believe that the Patriots have actually been using basketballs during key games. Check out the photos below and decide for yourself ‘ did the Patriots use basketballs?

Brady prepares to throw a strike. But is he using a regulation football?
More possible evidence of basketball use.
Gronk holds aloft a touchdown football ‘ or is it?
LeGarrette Blount runs in the snow with one of the footballs suspected to actually be a basketball.
Julian Edelman hauls in one of the footballs in question.
A one-handed Danny Amendola catch of a seemingly normal-looking football.
OK, this is just CLEARLY a basketball.

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