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Best Internet Reactions To State Of The Union (It’s Mostly Jokes)

The State of the Union was last night and President Obama definitely talked about a lot of issues that are important to the state of America and the world. He expounded on strategies he has for how to make this country a better place and he explained in some broad detail how he plans on carrying out those strategies. But also some other things happened that we can make fun of, so we ‘re gonna focus on those in this post.

The internet was buzzing with jokes and GIFs and vines last night (as it does every night), but from 9 p.m. to about 10:30 p.m., all of it had a central theme: #SOTU. If you missed the speech, don ‘t worry, we did too. And also, stuff on the internet never goes away, so here ‘s some of the best the net had to offer last night:

We ‘ll start more general and get into some specific incidents that deserve their own section.

First things first, ya gotta discuss the issues:

And this isn ‘t funny, it ‘s just plain interesting:

In case this is the first thing you read this morning, Obama got in a pretty sweet burn on some Republicans that clapped after he said he doesn ‘t have any more elections to win.

The internet also had a lot to say about Joni Ernst, the Republican ‘s choice for making the GOP response to Obama ‘s speech. She talked quite a bit about bread bags.

And had a bit of a robotic, dry delivery (but not as dry as Marco Rubio, right Marco?)

Haha, my man Marco Rubio, such a good sense of humor.

Another big moment in the night was when the camera cut away to Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, who did the internet a favor by having some luscious long gray hair and by making a funny face when the camera was on him.

And, of course, John Boehner had an orange face.

Also in attendance was astronaut Scott Kelly who is preparing to be shot up into space to live there for a full year. Obama talked a bit about the importance of NASA and then wished Kelly luck and asked him to ‘make sure to instagram it.” I ‘m pretty sure both Obama and Kelly think Instagram is just young person slang for ‘take pictures.” But Scott got a long applause break that he didn ‘t seem to know what to do with.

Finally, at the end of the State of the Union, I guess it ‘s customary to have the president sign a bunch of autographs. So he did some of that.

He even signed a young intern ‘s tie (This was definitely this kid ‘s only tie. He ‘s gonna wear it to work today and act like he planned it all along).

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