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Johnny Depp Thinks Actors Making Music Is “Sickening” So He Wrote A Song About It

Are we playing ‘Yo Ho A Pirate ‘s Life For Me” in Drop D, lads?

Johnny Depp is on a whirlwind tour for his latest quirky-outfit movie, Mortdecai, and he ‘s making some pretty pointed comments about his fellow movie stars who make music. ‘I hate the idea, come see me play the guitar because you ‘ve seen me in 12 movies ‘ you want people who are listening to the music to only be interested in the music,” Depp said, ‘The whole idea for me is a sickening thing, it ‘s always just made me sick.”

Depp, of course, plays guitar and has recorded with bands like Oasis and New Basement Tapes, and has even performed with Marilyn Manson. But apparently doing that isn ‘t making him sick. We know because he sure as hell was healthy enough to make Mortdecai!

To really drive the point home of how movie stars using their fame to play music makes him sick, Depp stepped into the studio to sing about it. He released a song sung to the tune of his sometimes-bandmates Oasis ‘ ‘Wonderwall.” I ‘ve transcribed the lyrics below.

Today, I ‘m gonna sing a song,
that tells everyone what to do

Right now, I really wanna shout,
An actor playin ‘ music is a fool.

I like to play fancy dress up
On the movie screen
About you now.

Back beat the word is on the street,
that I ‘ve been barfing all day like a cow.

I ‘m sure you ‘ve heard it all before
But Jared Leto turns my stomach foul.

I don ‘t believe that Russell Crowe
Should ever play music
About you now.

And all actors ‘ music that I hear?

And Bil-ly Bob ‘s band, their latest song?

There are many things that I would
like to tell other people to do
So I ‘ll do it now:

Because mayyyyyyy-be
These actor ‘s singin ‘ makes me
toss my cookies.

And after all ‘
I ‘m Mortdecai (In theater ‘s Friday! I play a quirky weirdo! I ‘m an artist!)

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