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WWE Wrestler Triple H Breaks Character To Console Young Crying Fan

The WWE wrestling universe exists somewhere between regularly running sitcom and a 24/7 nightmare horror-scape reality. All of the characters are blown up to impossibly extreme degrees of good heroes or evil villains and they are never really acknowledged as actors playing that role, at least not in the same way that, say, Matt LeBlanc can walk down the street and not be assumed to be an exceedingly dumb idiot. These wrestlers carry their personas on a nightly basis, whether the cameras are on them or not, if they are anywhere associated with wrestling, they have to be in character. The whole universe kind of depends on them doing this and they even have a term for it: ‘Kayfabe” (use it at your next dinner party!)

That ‘s why it ‘s a big deal when Triple H, one of the most famous wrestlers on the scene, broke Kayfabe to console a young boy who was crying because Triple H was being so mean.

Triple H was being his normal dirtbag dude self while ringside at a taping of Raw in Dallas on Monday, and a kid who was sitting nearby apparently got upset at how big of an unflinching monster he was being. Triple H noticed the kid, went up to him and consoled the little guy until he was convinced that there are no monsters here, just actors acting like monsters for mostly adults ‘ entertainment. Here ‘s the photo evidence by a twitter user who was there:

What did Triple H say? Well, I ‘ve got the transcript so let ‘s take a look.

Triple H: ‘Hey buddy, why ‘re you crying?”

Kid: ‘Because you said you were going to tear the legs off of every one of our mother ‘s and shove the legs down the throats of our fathers”

T.H.: ‘Ah, don ‘t believe that little man, we ‘re just actors playing bad people. It ‘s all for fun!”

Kid: ‘What ‘s fun about hearing that you ‘re going to tear my mother ‘s legs off?”

T.H.: ‘Honestly, I don ‘t really know ‘”

Kid: ‘And why would you make such a specific threat?”

T.H.: ‘Well, if it was more general like, I ‘m going to hurt you, then the audience would have a less vivid picture of a horrible thing I would do to hurt them. And that vivid picture is what ignites an emotional response to me, which is basically the goal of my character.”

Kid: ‘So you want us to have a vivid picture of you ripping our mother ‘s legs off and feeding them to our father? That ‘s your goal?”

T.H.: ‘ ‘yes?”

Kid: ‘What did you want to be when you were my age?”

T.H.: ‘A Supreme Court Justice, or a shortstop for the Giants, or even just follow my father ‘s footsteps and have an honest nine to five fixing faulty electrical work at hospitals and homeless shelters. Anything but this ‘”

Kid: ‘I want to be a big muscle-y sweaty wrestler!”

T.H.: ‘That ‘s great! Now quit crying and I ‘ll give you twenty bucks.”

Kid: ‘Cool!”

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