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Nicolas Cage To Play One Of His Famous Eccentrics In New Movie

Mr. Cage in his wheelhouse.

Nicolas Cage is an American treasure (as opposed to a his famous series of films National Treasure, which are about him finding maps or documents or whatever). His work in movies has been more prolific, unique, and surprising than probably any other actor in the last 30 years. And darnit if he ain ‘t a big weirdo! Which is a good reason to be excited that he will be playing an eccentric Osama Bin Laden hunter in the latest film directed by Borat director, Larry Charles.

The movie, Army of One, is based loosely on the life of Gary Faulkner, a construction worker from Colorado who regularly went on his own solo missions to Pakistan, armed with knives and swords, to hunt down and capture Osama Bin Laden. Faulkner is a nut (one of the delightful nuts that make America such a beautiful place) and even made a great appearance on David Letterman back in 2010.

But back to Nicolas Cage. He ‘s had some of the best eccentric characters in cinema history. Before we get to see how it looks when Cage plays the jovial-yet-militant eccentric in Army of One, let ‘s take a look at some of the other types of eccentrics Cage has portrayed so expertly.

Wicker Man
Bee-phobic eccentric

Weirdo-priest-hey-wait-who-let-this-guy-be-a-priest-in-the-first-place? eccentric

Bad Lieutenant
Sees-souls-breakdancing eccentric

Gone in 60 Seconds
Way-too-into-War ‘s-Low-Rider eccentric

Kick Ass
Dad-teaching-his-daughter-to-be-a-super-hero-but-still-manages-to-be-creepy eccentric

‘and my personal favorite ‘

Vampire ‘s Kiss
Anal-about-filing eccentric

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